You know the famous quote: diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but… let’s be honest, women really love two things:  shoes and…bags. We can’t argue with the fact that one can never have enough pairs of shoes and bags. Every occasion requires a different attire, especially for a fashionista.

This article is made to help you in your quest of choosing the perfect bag for every night out, gala or even going to a casual date. 

  1. Don’t choose something you’ll use only once! First thing to consider is of an economical aspect. Think on long term! No one wants to spend more than necessary on something they’ll use only once, it doesn’t make sense .Always go for a bag that you’ll cherish for years to come, not just a seasonal item. Analyse the colour and try to imagine how it will go with some of your outfits first. The texture is also important.  Usually, you can’t go wrong if you choose a classic type, clean prints or curved lines. That works for every outfit, unless you’ll desire something more specific, like a special event. The rules slightly differ there. 

Of course, if you fall in love with a unique and exquisite bag and your wage allows it, by all means purchase it! We all have a soft spot when it comes to unique products, don’t we? I won’t judge, been there, done that, we all have, ladies.

Your ultimate bag guide 2

2. Leather is best. This rule involves the first one. Leather is one of the materials that is resistant and lasts a lifetime. A valuable tip that learned recently about leather after buying a new bag is to scotchgard it. Scotchgard is a product that acts like a water repellent applied to fabric, furniture, and carpets to protect them from stains. Leather is a little high maintenance when it comes to care. I’ll also recommend to apply a special conditioner, a leather nourisher on a regular basis. Allow a day for the cream to sink in and then buff it off. 

3. Think practical. If you’re a business woman, your bag tends to be a business bag as well. If you usually carry a laptop around, then you’ll need a laptop friendly bag that won’t target the muggers. There are a few options around which do not look like the typical laptop nerdy bag, but you’ll have to search a little. Or you can just opt for a smaller laptop. 

Your ultimate bag guide 3

4. Safety. If you’re going to buy a new bag, consider safety a valid reason. Buy a bag that will keep your possessions safe, (I usually avoid tote bags with open tops) look for the upper zipper to function properly, make sure there are no gaps and openings to incite muggers.

Your ultimate bag guide 4

5. Proper size. This is actually a reason to have in consideration. When you think of making a new addition to your bag collection, try asking yourself this question: Will this bag fit all of the belongings currently in my handbag? We all have several vital items in our bags, just make sure they fit into your new acquisition!

Your ultimate bag guide 5

6. Fit for the occasion! Well this says it all: buy whatever is missing from your bag collection to suit your needs and complete a new outfit! You make the rules here.

Your ultimate bag guide 6