Choosing the perfect lingerie may be a struggle for everyone. We already know what best suits us, and if not, this guide may help you understand the differences between styles and shapes. Spoiler alert: Your body type shouldn’t be a reason to choose a specific type of undies. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfy and empowers you. Never dare to feel ashamed to wear them because of your curves! Every pair of sexy undies is made to make us feel sexy, comfortable and sassy!

  1. Thongs. Many of us consider thongs to be equally hot and sassy, but let’s face it: they’re not for everyone! They are similar to G-Strings, but thongs have a thicker string, and on top of that, they offer a little more coverage on the front and back. They are a great choice if you don’t mind the discomfort of that intrusive string. However, after a while wearing them, you tend to get used to it. What about the particular shape? You can find them in different styles, sizes and colors. For example, describing the front part of thongs, you have the low-rise thong or the classic-thong front. It’s up to you whether you choose the first or second style, depending on your taste.
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Victoria’s Secret Thongs.
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2. Briefs equal Comfort.. If you sit at your office all day, they’re more than ideal! They’re also perfect in the winter time, offering a full coverage on the behind, also… they do a great job keeping you protected on the bad days of the month. They also vary n their forms: you have the high-cut brief front, the classic brief front, the classic and high-cut brief back, etc. We can’t argue that sometimes comfort is a must in our busy daily life and routines, and briefs are the basic providers of comfort.

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Marks & Spencer briefs
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3. Bikini. There is one word that can describe it: CHEEKY! I have heard women to be very confused about the difference between thongs and briefs. And guess what, there’s no shame in that! Bikini is the place where thongs and briefs met, halfway. Basically, they are a combination of thongs and briefs, slim on the sides, and with just enough to offer some coverage, equally for front and behind. We can find them in various cuts: the classic bikini front, low-rise and classic bikini back, low-rise bikini front, low-rise bikini front and so on. You have more than several options! Not to mention that this particular type is very popular among women everywhere. Cheeky ladies out there, i hear you!

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Victoria’s Secret Collection.
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4. Boy Shorts/hipsters. Naughty but nice, perfect under very short skirts that may, accidentally, lift up. (OOOPS!) Modeled after men’s briefs, they are designed with full sides and front, extra comfortable preventing any VPL from happening. They also work well under denim and under other “rough” materials.