It’s that time of the year, guys, even if it’s a few weeks earlier. On 9th of February an iconic event is about to happen: Academy Awards. In a few days, on January 13th, we’re about to find out who is nominated for the grand golden prizes. However, we took the liberty to make some predictions in advance. The Best Actor category is one of our favorites and we are very eager to see who will be the winner. I need to remind you that the competition is pretty serious. The actors below did an amazing job, and it will be very difficult to crown only one.

Check out if you agree with us:

Joaquin Phoenix, Joker

2020 Oscar Best Actor 2
Role: Arthur Fleck, on the story of becoming Batman’s most infamous nemesis.

Adam Driver, Marriage Story

2020 Oscar Best Actor 3
Role: Charlie, a complicated man who struggles through divorce and single fatherhood.

Taron Egerton, Rocketman

2020 Oscar Best Actor 4
Role: Elton John, on his journey on becoming an international superstar.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

2020 Oscar Best Actor 5
The Role: Rick Dalton, a star of Westerns Television navigating his career as it slips away and fading.

Robert De Niro, The Irishman

2020 Oscar Best Actor 6
Role: Frank Sheeran or Irishman, a truck driver who is recruited as a go-to hit man for a crime organisation.

We will soon find out if we made our picks correctly. Stay tuned!