Being a woman nowadays can be quite a challenge. We all have bad days, encounter bad luck or the wrong person at the wrong time. Life isn’t easy, let’s face it. However, all that can be left behind with a super badass attitude and a positive outlook on life. It might sound silly at first, but all sorts of wounds and bad memories remain locked inside and remember: healing starts from there!

All you have to do is trade a few seconds of your time per day for an oasis of happiness and positive thoughts. It’s a fair trade.

This medicine that I am about to share with you it’s really efficient if you give it a try.  It is said that strong essence comes in a small dosage. Well, this is the principle I am going to use here. Just bear with me, guys.

Science says that developing a habit takes 21 days. So, start developing one of the following mantras every day for 3 weeks until it comes naturally from within. For example, start today with number one. Just read the mantra and try to make sense of the following words:

1.      I am perfect. I am enough and sufficient. I fully accept and love myself no matter what.

Whether if you’re in a bad mood, or just bored, repeat those words, imagine them growing from the inside, and SMILE. Smiling afterwards is as important as repeating the words in the first place. It generally gives a good state of mind and spirit, releasing a small amount of endorphins.

10 Mantras for your self-esteem 2

Trust me, it’s great.

The next day try one new phrase from the one listed below, repeating the same exercise described.

2.      The power to change my life and make my dreams come true is in my hands.

3.      I am proud of myself!

4.      Every day I discover new qualities in myself and I become an inspiration for all those around me.

5.      I trust myself and I know I can win this!

6.      I am unique and I love my authenticity.

7.      My inner powers grow daily and I am aware of them.

8.      I am open to positivity and embrace the negativity, using my powers to change them into good.

9.      I have a purpose on this world, and it is clearly defined.

10.   Love is the law. Love the woman inside you! Love both- the good and the bad.

Even if it doesn’t work from the first try, don’t give up! As I said before, no medicine works after using just one dose. Practice makes perfect. Give it at least 21 days and embrace it as a positivity experience. Remember, in a life full of daily challenges, positivity is never enough. Try building yours in the easiest way. Your mental health is the key to a healthy life.

These mantras are a must in your life and are psychologically proven to work even for the pessimists out there, me included. Just give it a try, I assure you nothing can go wrong. The outcome is 100 percent good.

 Invest in yourself and don’t forget to smile!

10 Mantras for your self-esteem 3