Brace yourselves: 18th of January is day of a new-born fashion statement! Beyoncé’s new collection Ivy Park x Adidas range officially debuts and we can’t wait!

On Wednesday night Queen B turned on Instagram to show us a sneak peek from this inciting clothes line. Not much was shown, but it was enough to raise our interest and excitement. Bold colors, curvy lines and sassy pics were dropped on her Instagram profile showing off those stylish unisex pieces.

In one photo, she is posing on a bicycle, wearing a burgundy bodysuit fashioned with puffed sleeves and an orange-lined motif. She accessorized it successfully with a pair of burgundy sock boots inscribed with ”Ivy Park” logo.

She also posted a video campaign for her collection which doesn’t disappoint. The video also features models like Ebonee Davis and Adonis Bosso and K-pop star CL showing off tracksuits ,tops, and sneakers, all unisex style.

The collection goes further with another bold statement. This color is absolutely divine. Orange is a bold and inspiring color as much as Bey is already. The V neck dress combined with those puffed sleeves are totally a must have! The pop queen had succeeded once again to make us crave her look.

Slay it, Queen B!

And don’t forget to set up your calendar, guys! You can find the full collection here, starting from 18th of January.