Today’s interview starts in a fabulous manner, as we get the chance to interview an indian television actress and model, Kanisha Malhotra. Conquering the Bollywood Universe step-by-step, Kanisha took her success into Instagram world, influencing thousands of people worldwide. Not only she has a million dollar smile, but her character and attitude are to be highly praised. For a celebrity, she is pretty down to earth, guys.

As we got the honor to interview her, we found out that Kanisha is definitely one of the powerful women we need in this world. But hold on, she is not only an actress and a model, she is also known as a stylist, director and script writer. Talking about multitasking and being multi-talented, right? You go, girl!

Inspire us, Kanisha!

Name a beauty guru. What have you learned from him/her/them?
Kanisha: I love Victoria Lyn as her content is refreshing as well as unique. I have learned  how to create new and quirky content every time from her.

‘Patience and consistency is the key to success.”

Kanisha Malhotra

What’s the best advice you have ever received? From whom?
Kanisha: A friend of mine once told me to stay true to yourself and create content like this. This is your USP so be consistent. As an actor/Influencer you need to understand that patience and consistency is the the key to success.

Kanisha Malhotra
Told you, Kanisha slays at multitasking!

What inspired you to become an influencer? Who’s your icon?
Kanisha: I have always wanted to create content and reach out to people. I always had a passion to tell my audience what’s good and what’s not. This inspired me to become an influencer. My icon is Priyanka Chopra as she is an influencer, Actor, entrepreneur and inspiration to many.

Side note: Priyanka is the woman we all should look up to. Slay it, girl!

What’s your favorite style? Minimalist or bohemian? Fresh or vintage?
Kanisha: I would say fresh as I love wearing lot of prints, especially floral. It suits my personality.

What’s your favorite beauty product you couldn’t live without?
Kanisha: Estee Lauder night repair serum. It’s divine.

Spilling the 'coffee' with Bollywood princess- Kanisha Malhotra 2
Kanisha models for several beauty brands, creating beautiful and unique content each and every time.

Who’s your favorite designer ever?
Kanisha: Versace!! All time favourite!!

What’s your horoscope sign? And also what’s the best and the worst trait that comes with your astrological sign?
Kanisha: I am a scorpion and the best trait about scorpions is they are very passionate about life and things they do but on a contrary also very jealous of things and people which i feel is not healthy.

Spilling the 'coffee' with Bollywood princess- Kanisha Malhotra 3
Kanisha’s Mantra: Confidence is the most important thing in life.
Kanisha approved!

Besides you, who’s someone worth following on Instagram?
Kanisha: Tara Milk Tea, Nikkie Tutorials and Masoom Minawala. I love the content they create.

What’s your favorite destination to travel? Would you move there?
Kanisha: I love San Francisco. The vibe is superb and people are so lively and I would love to move there if get a chance.

Side note: Not really a change of scenery, trading Bollywood for Hollywood. Love it!

What’s the best fashion secret you have ever learned?
Kanisha: Always keep your confidence up even if your style isn’t.

Spilling the 'coffee' with Bollywood princess- Kanisha Malhotra 4
Not only she is a multi-talented woman, Kanisha slays with her beauty. Is it just me, or she might be Sofia Vergara’s doppelgänger? TOTALLY.

What inspires you everyday? What’s your mantra?
Kanisha: My audience inspire me everyday to get up and create more and more content. Also the fact that there are so many great brands i am yet to collaborate with keeps me motivated. My mantra in life is to keep creating creative and amazing content so that people know me from my work and get inspired by it.

What are 3 things in your bag you couldn’t live without?
Kanisha: There are four, actually: money/cards, house keys, my favourite lipstick and a pocket perfume.

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