Today we travel to United States to get some insight info about a fearless and creative woman who surely knows how to bring cheer everywhere she goes. Ladies, I present you our today’s inspiration… Jade Withrow!

Styled up with some championship rings and medals, accessorized with a contagious smile and a energetic spirit, Jade rules at winning our hearts. She’s truly an inspiring woman, because she is the living proof that doing what you love with passion, gets you on the first place. Also, don’t forget: with a great squad around you, victory is already yours.

We had the opportunity to find more about what motivates her through a funny interview.

Jade Withrow
Glamed up with victory attire, a radiant but shy smile, she teaches us a first lesson: Be a winner, but be humble.

What’s the best advice you have ever received? From whom?

Jade: One of the best advice I’ve ever received is from my mother: “ Hope for the best, but expect the worst. “ I use this in a positive outlook, because I like to manifest my dreams, but I will never get my hopes up to be let so down. It helped me through a lot of situations where I could have fallen deeper into sadness without it.

What’s your horoscope sign? And also what’s the best and the worst trait that comes with your astrological sign?

Jade: I’m a Sagittarius; My best trait is that i’m pretty honest and the worst trait that comes with it is that I can be careless.

Spilling the ‘coffee’ with Cheerleader Champ- Jade Withrow 2
Sagittarius by style.

Can you describe your fashion style? Who’s your inspiration?

Jade: My style is free-spirited, edgy, and comfortable all mixed into one, haha! I love all “ vintage “ styles and things from DollsKill. So, I guess I look to those for inspiration on what i wear.

Spilling the ‘coffee’ with Cheerleader Champ- Jade Withrow 3
Crop top, ‘schoolgirl’-ish skirt, accessorized with a pair of fresh VIP sunglasses. She totally slays it as a doll.

What’s your everyday mantra? Give us a lifestyle tip you can’t live without.

Jade: I don’t do any daily mantras ( because those are like words or sounds, right? ) But i always do my best to only be involved with technology when need be. Otherwise I like to engage in hobbies or something outside.

What’s your favorite song and who’s your favorite artist?

Jade: A few of my favorite artist is Drake, Odesza, Skrillex, and Kygo!

Spilling the ‘coffee’ with Cheerleader Champ- Jade Withrow 4
Jade literally looks like a model for music videos, guys. Her style and attitude says it all.

Who’s a person you would love to have coffee with? Where and why?

Jade: I’d love to have coffee with Nicki Minaj, or just to meet her because she’s a sagittarius too and seems like so much fun and genuine!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Jade: One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone smacks their food, or grinds their teeth on the fork as they eat.

Spilling the ‘coffee’ with Cheerleader Champ- Jade Withrow 5
Cheer ON! Go Wildcats!

For more cheer, follow Jade here.

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