Sahar Naseem Awan is the amazing influencer we get to know more about today. We got the chance to get some insight information about this amazing woman from Lahore, Pakistan, who is an awesome influencer in her field of activity.

Sahar is an event manager at her roots, moreover a marketing enthusiast and a PR consultant. Not to say that she is also a (drums, please!)… celebrity manager! She is really a full package of strength, power and creativity. Nowadays, powerful women like her are an inspiration to all of us. So today, we got to ‘spill the tea’ with her on some basic topics like fashion, lifestyle and other spicy information.

Sahar Naseem Awan
Sahar is also a fashionable icon and an amazing boss woman.

Interviewer: What fashion trend would you like to make a comeback?

Sahar: I guess asymmetry was all the rage in the 80s, because pony tails migrated to the side of heads. This trend is a head scratcher that’s gone – probably gone forever.

Interviewer: What’s an accessory you have for ages?

Sahar: A black basic pony.

Interviewer: Who’s your secret Hollywood crush? Why is it secret?

Sahar: ED WESTWICK foreverrrrr! Not a secret though. Haha!

Interviewer: What’s your favorite clothing item? Why?

Sahar: Basic and causal blazers, i guess they suite my body type. That’s why.

Spill the 'coffee' with amazing Sahar Naseem Awan- digital influencer 1
Simple, clean and casual is always fashionable in trend!

Interviewer: Leather or lace? Velvet or denim? Vintage or new?

Sahar: Lace, Velvet and vintage!

Interviewer: What’s the best life advice your mother ever gave you?

Sahar: “Do not allow anyone to treat you as an average person. Always set the standards high!”

Side note: Her mom is really an inspiration for all of us!

Interviewer: What would you never ever wear and why?

Sahar: A jumpsuit, never liked them!

Interviewer: Give us a beauty hack you couldn’t live without.

Sahar: Eating an apple every morning!

Side note: Also, keeps the doctor away! Haha, we see you, Sahar. 🙂

Interviewer: What’s the first thing you notice in a person when you first meet them?

Sahar: Their shoes.

Spill the 'coffee' with amazing Sahar Naseem Awan- digital influencer 2
Beautiful Sahar at one of her events.

Thank you for our daily dose of inspiration, Sahar! Keep pushing boundaries and inspiring us!

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