Today we virtually travel the world to meet the beautiful and enigmatic Kam O’Neal, as our source of inspiration. Not only she’s a cover girl in appearance with a huge angelic smile, but she is a perfect combination between wits, enlightenment and a little bit of…sass. Extremely talented and gifted, Kam is quite the ‘full package artist’. For starters, she’s an amazing photographer, music lover, fashionable diva and she totally has a way with words. Told you, she has everything!

Moreover, Kam creates unique and authentic content on her Youtube Channel called Infinity Tarot. Astrology is one of her main gifts, as well as Tarot readings. The thing I found truly inspiring is her positive outlook on things, the love and positivity she’s constantly sharing on her social network and ultimately…her strength and assertiveness. She’s a force of nature, you guys.

You should totally check her Youtube channel!

Inspiring, fun and wise. So, without further ado, I present you Kam:

What’s your spirit animal and why?
Kam: A wolf. My moves are calculated and strategic and those close to me have to be looked out for. I’m a natural leader and very instinctive.

What’s your horoscope sign? And also what’s the best and the worst trait that comes with your astrological sign?
Kam: I am an Aquarius. The best trait is definitely the intellectual aspects. The worst would have to be the detachment/aloofness. It’s usually not even personal.

Spilling the 'coffee' with multitalented artist- Kam O'Neal 1
Original, creative, genuine, Kam.

What’s a beauty product you can’t live without?
Kam: Definitely, my Black Opal Total Coverage Concealer!

What’s the best advice you have ever received? From whom?
Kam: Through my spiritual journey I quickly learned that the answers are already inside if you dare to face it. To grow you have to face yourself; the rawest form of self.

Can you describe your fashion style? Who’s your inspiration? Kam: Honestly when it comes to fashion, the Aquarius in me does whatever it wants. There aren’t really any rules other than be you. I don’t have a specific source of inspiration I just like what I like.

Spilling the 'coffee' with multitalented artist- Kam O'Neal 2
Authentic style, comfortable and fashionable. Kam approved!

What’s your everyday mantra? Give us a lifestyle tip you can’t live without.
Kam: “Relying on yourself will get you there faster than waiting on anyone else.”

Side note: Something on Kam’s Instagram profile really caught my eye and I intend to make it my everyday mantra. Mark her words, folks:

”Sometimes in life we get caught up in our service to others and forget how much in turn we also need ourselves.

What’s a fashion trend you love right now? What’s the worst trend you have ever seen?
Kam: I love the short suits and the linen fabric trend. I’m not nuts about the puffy sleeves. It’s tolerable but not my favorite.

Spilling the 'coffee' with multitalented artist- Kam O'Neal 3
Short sleeved bohemian cardigan, shorts and comfortable sandals. Fashionable and casual.
Her fashion sense is truly just her creativity extended. You go, girl!

What’s your favorite song and who’s your favorite artist? How did she/he inspire you?
Kam: Patience by Russ Vitale , he’s also my favorite artist. He inspires me because he demonstrates conscious and progressive thinking. It all starts and ends with you. He was one of the many that taught me that.

Who’s a person you would love to have coffee with? Where and why?
Kam: Russ, in his backyard next to his pool. His intellect inspires me. I could only imagine having someone like that in my physical presence.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Kam: I really don’t like the sound of food being chewed. Ice especially.

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