Communication is key to a healthy relationship. 

  1. Always be yourself. Don’t be a poser, no one likes fake characters, unless they’re in a book. . For the relationship to grow, you need to feel comfortable with yourself first. If you worry that you’ll lose your  partner’s interest, it may be because he’s not the right person for you. It’s ok if you want to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend, just don’t go over the top, forgetting who you are in the process. Love yourself. Your partner might just love you more if you are being you.

2. Take it slow. Focus on today, not tomorrow.Remember that It’s just the early stage of your relationship, so you might want to focus on the present rather than talking about the future. Don’t rush things, you might scare off your partner.Talking about getting married and having babies in the incipient stages of a relationship is not quite recommended for obvious reasons. Now is the time to get to know each other better rather than counting how many kids you desire. Unless the foundation of the relationship is already strong, don’t talk about the future just yet.

3. Don’t be possessive. No one likes a possessive partner, let’s face it. You can be clingy but not too clingy. Jealousy will make  your partner feel suffocated in the relationship and he/she might try to find a way out of it eventually. Remember that you don’t own your partner. 


4. Be patient. Because you are still trying to adjust with each other, learn to be more patient. You may have started seeing things you don’t like about your partner, but you need to be patient. It must not have been easy for him or her to finally decide to commit to a relationship after being single for years. You must be lucky for the opportunity to make your partner believe in love again. Hence, be patient. Understand where your partner is coming from, and be a support system.

5. Do not compare yourself with other people. Sometimes, you can’t help but compare your present partner with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. However, this is one of the most important don’ts. Remember that your partner is a different person. He or she is your now, so live in the present. Don’t keep looking for your ex’s characteristics.  Otherwise, you should have just stayed with your ex or not commit yourself into a new relationship.

6. Don’t forget your friends. Just because you’ve already found yourself someone you can call a partner doesn’t mean you will forget about your friends. Your time may now be divided, but the key is balance. Why don’t you introduce your partner to your friends? Make sure that you maintain your social life even when you’re now in a relationship. Also, your friends might have even played a big role in your love story, so treasure your friends. Be grateful to them. When you will encounter problems with your partner, trust me, you’re going to need them, and you will thank them for being there for you.