Valentine’s Day is a magical day, filled with romance, chocolate and kisses in candles’ light. However, it might be a struggle for us, because, let’s be honest, men are pretty hard to please when it comes to gifts. It’s pretty hard to find something both practical and romantic. Don’t worry, this guide is especially made for you! I’ve selected a bunch of things that may be the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband, no matter how selective they might be. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him.

This will work, I assure you.

A leather wallet. This is a very practical idea because one can never have enough wallets. When buying a wallet, try choosing leather for several aspects. First, it’s a durable material which sticks in time, and secondly, it’s very fancy! You can never go wrong with a wallet, because men are usually financially driven characters who tend to cherish such gifts.

Valentine's Day Gift

A modern and stylish watch. From my experience, men have a thing for watches or…a soft spot if you may. Either it’s a smart watch, a sport model or a classic type, you’ll certainly find one that will fit his needs. If he does have one already, don’t disper, one watch is never enough! He can have several of them, but maybe in different styles: a casual look or an evening gala outfit.

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him 1

A comfortable pair of sneakers. Men always crave comfort when it comes to clothes or lifestyle choices. A pair of sneakers is ideal if your guy is into sports or that casual look.

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him 2

A travel friendly kit. Is he a traveler? If so, he will always need some basic toiletries, hygiene products in a small travel size. This is a very practical and thoughtful gift.

A Kindle e-reader. This is a great option if he’s really into reading, obviously. It’s a great pick!

Love Coupons. This gift is very creative, personal and can add add spontaneity to any relationship. You can choose to buy a coupon set or just print it at home and fill it by yourself to add more spark. Personally, I find the second option to be more interesting and personal. You can fill it with different tasks which you shall fulfill whenever he wants. You can add basic things like a night out, a massage, or make it  juicy tasks, even kinky. Your choice! He will love it either way.

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him 3
Make your own Love Coupons here.

Funky Pair of Undies. Spice it up with a funky pair of boxers, maybe a funny print. You will love it and he will love it!

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him 4
Design your own pair here.

Scratch the World Map. This is a gift for an enthusiast traveler that has the purpose to show a unique travel story. He will need a coin to scratch the aluminium surface  on the map to mark the visited place. It can be displayed in a frame on his wall, so it’s also a decorative item.

Personalized Tee. Both funny and creative, you can choose whatever you want to personalize it. Maybe a funny quote, a meme, or a funny picture with you guys. Even if he doesn’t wear it in public, it’s still a funny gift that he’ll cherish every time he sees it.

Gift card.You can’t go wrong with a gift card, especially from his favorite shop. Sometimes, a good gift can be something that he could choose for himself.