Spoiler alert: This post is especially written for the fashion lovers.

Croissants, baguettes, exquisite coffee, Louvre and tour Eiffel. All those words successfully complete a perfect trip to Paris.

 Picture that for a second. You, sipping a cup of tasty espresso at a corner coffee shop on Avenue of Champ Elysees, biting on a delicious butter croissant while you admire the magnificent Arc de Triomphe. Make a mental note on that.

Paris Style Guide as a tourist 2

Most of us consider visiting ‘The city of romance’ a must in our travel guide. If not, you might consider it, there is plenty to see and experience.  Paris is one of those places where each moment spent exploring its boulevards is as special as the places to which they lead.

Paris Style Guide as a tourist 3

Paris’s seductive vibes are authentic, and for good reason. This superb city is a combination of cafes, astonishing boutiques, fancy restaurants, world-class museums, and most important there are endless things to do. Moreover, for the fashion lovers who read this, Paris plays an important fashion role, being one of the most representative cities where fashion was born and grew worldwide. Remember that one century ago, France was leading the fashion industry, and nowadays not much has changed.  Paris is a hot spot for fashion lovers and as a reminder we see and admire Fashion Week events every year.

However, as a tourist and a fashionista, is pretty hard to create an outfit that can pass the test of comfort and aesthetic too. But don’t lose hope, I said it’s hard, not impossible.

There are some notes to consider before packing up and hop on the plane (speaking from a fashion standpoint, of course).

1. Avoid the ‘’stereotypical tourist’’ look

You know the look composed from classic cargo pants, accessorized with a sport backpack and massive boots, maybe a soccer cap? Yes, the basic tourist outfit made for comfort and discovering reasons. Paris is not really the place for it, if you ask me. I’m not saying not to wear it, but as a style lover, don’t forget you’re visiting the city of fashion.  Embrace it! Make Paris your catwalk as did the models at the Fashion Week, feel the aesthetic vibes, be in tone with those fancy boutiques, museums and restaurants, and don’t forget to take some great photos for your Instagram!

2. Don’t bring your selfie stick!

I’m not saying that to minimize the potential of a good photo, but I assure you that selfie sticks attract unwanted attention, especially from pickpockets and street scammers. Paris is known for that also. Just be smart and anticipate these events from taking place. Nothing else screams “tourist” as much as a selfie stick which puts a target on you. Also, avoid wearing your bag on one shoulder, try wearing it in front of you, like the post office man does.

Paris Style Guide as a tourist 4

3. Don’t go over the top

I’m not talking about being ‘’extra’’, if that’s actually a thing. The important thing to keep in mind is that Parisians go for a casual clean look. So my advice is: try to dress like the locals! Not excessive prints, over accessorized, or worse, the ‘trying too hard’ look. Instead, approach the neutral colors, accessorized with a bold scarf, jewel or even a hat (maybe a beret, when in France…), but never all of them. Just pick one bold, colorful item to make a clean and stylish outfit. You know the saying: less is more, especially in Paris, a fashion nest.

Complete your outfit with a jacket (depending on weather) and some comfortable sneakers. Don’t forget, you have miles and miles to discover by foot! Choose something extra comfortable!

Paris Style Guide as a tourist 5