Whichever kind of vacation you desire for yourself in the new year, pick one (or more) of these top destinations of 2020, pack all your essentials, and prepare for your adventure. Whether you’re in love with the French vibes, sunny beaches of Greece, or the majestic mountains of Austria, there’s truly a destination for everyone. Check out our list of the 10 best places to travel in 2020 below.

  1. British Virgin Islands

This is a pick for the beach lovers, y’all! Whether you take in the blue waters of the Caribbean or choose to explore the green mountains across the islands, it’s the perfect sun-soaked beach getaway you’ll need in 2020. Don’t worry about the resort,the British Virgin Islands are making a full recovery in 2020 with the reopening of many resorts.

2. Lille, France

Sometimes we all feel the urge to avoid crowded cities, like Paris for example. However, if you’re really into the french vibe, we found the perfect addition to your travel list: Lille, France. Enjoy art-forward museums like the curious La Piscine Museum while in Lille, as well as many superb restaurants and boutiques. You won’t be missing the authentic french cuisine and vibes.

3. Yerevan, Armenia

 This ancient city is the one on your list that you never thought you’ll need to visit. However, it’s worth visiting because of the notorious expression ‘pink city’ which refers to the beautiful salmon-tinted stones of its buildings. Explore ancient buildings, cathedrals, and monasteries in one day, then walk the picturesque boulevards lined with cafes, fountains, and wine bars the next — it’s a perfect blend of historic and modern in a dynamic city.

4. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This place is perfect location for an epic Instagram post. If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit this national wonder, consider finally checking it off your bucket list in 2020. Bring your comfortable sneakers, a hat and your sunscreen though. With its astonishing peaks, plateaus, and rivers, the Grand Canyon is a must-see for anyone with wanderlust.

5. Thassos Island, Greece

Thassos is one of the excellent places worth seeing in Greece for various obvious reasons.  It is tourist- friendly, the tzatziki and seafood are delicious and… it is not expensive. This island is home to several little villages and I highly recommend to visit Potos, one of the loveliest greek villages worth visiting and experiencing the authentic greek vibe.

6. Salzburg, Austria

Austria usually means plenty of classical music, opera, and drama from world-renowed acts in the city known as Mozart’s birthplace. You won’t get bored here, there are always exhibitions taking place in Salzburg this year, there will be much to explore, see, and attend in this Austrian city full of tradition and culture.

7. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

If you’re in need of pulsating nightlife you’ll find it in Ayia Napa, and there are plenty of rowdy activities by day for party people. However, this place is also good for families. There’s a modern water park and permanent funfair where your kids can enjoy fun games.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s vibrant, booming city is full of both ancient and modern culture as well as an incredible street food scene. The street food markets are are almost worth the flight alone! Be sure to check out the city’s historic temples and take in the vibes of Thailand in the most exotic way.

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are an avid traveler, than Dubai should be on your list to visit. High life, skyscrapers and luxury are located in this metropolis of the future. It’s a must worth seeing!

10. Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a coastal town in Spain’s Catalonia region, southwest of Barcelona, it is a must see when you’re in Barcelona already. It’s known for its Mediterranean beaches and seafront promenade lined with grand mansions, shops and restaurants and definitely for the… nightclubs!