Even if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there are some vital things to include in your luggage to make your trip comfortable and successful. Find out what to pack and bring on board to make your experience pleasant and how to compose your travel kit.

Traveling is a fun experience but sometimes, packing can be a nightmare. You’re constantly asking yourself whether you packed everything and if there’s something you left out. We know the struggle, and we created a travel kit which includes the essentials for a successful trip.  Your Travel kit should include:

  1. Kindle. I consider long trips to be both exhausting and boring, so in order to avoid boredom, I always pack a book in my hand luggage. Sometimes, books can occupy vital space, so I opt for a light saving-space solution: the practical Kindle. It definitely makes a difference when it comes to battling long flights.
travel kit

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones remove unwanted sounds like the constant jet motors and baby crying . These special headphones blocks out the noisy world around you, allowing you to  enjoy the sweet sound of silence or music. For me it’s an essential pick because I usually find myself with insomnia on long flights. Canceling the noise generates a peaceful environment where I can focus on meditation and finally, falling asleep.

3. Sleep mask and possibly a small blanket. Aircraft temperature are generally kept at between 21°C and 23°C, but sometimes it may get chilly sitting in your seat for hours. However, the aircraft company provides free blankets on long flights, but I prefer to bring my own. 

travel kit

4. Electric Adaptor. Other countries have different electrical sockets, for example, there is a difference between American and European electrical appliances sockets. Think ahead and buy an electric adaptor to have in case your charger doesn’t fit in the international sockets.

5. Moisturizer cream, to strip away heavy metals found in foreign tap water and to hydrate your skin. It is vital to take your daily routine with you. Skin care is never on vacay!

Travel kit essentials 1
Recommendation: Avene Hydrance

6. Lip Balm. Your lips can suffer changes in a new climate, as your skin does. Take care of them in the same way you’ll care for your skin.

Travel kit essentials 2
Recommendation: Burt’s bees Lipbalm

7. Beach kit. Whether you travel to a sunny place or not, it is vital to bring at least one sun product to take care of your skin, even if the sun rays aren’t strong. 

  • Sunscreen with a high protection against UVB (known to cause burns)  and UVA (known to cause skin ageing and skin cancer) rays.
  • Anti-wrinkle tanning cream
  • Hair oil that protects locks from salt, chlorine and the sun.
  • Aftersun cream to hydrate your sun exposed skin
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Sun hat. You can buy a folding hat to always carry with you when traveling to sunny countries. Sometimes, fancy hats are pretty hard to incorporate in the luggage because you’ll have the constant worry that it will damage under the weight of your belongings.