Nowadays, getting a tattoo is a normal thing to do when you want to express yourself and make your body a work of art. Whether it’s a full sleeve or back, or a small inking on your wrist, it seems that everyone has one o a few. All you need to do is scroll through some Pinterest’s ideas and you’ll find the perfect model.

Speaking of tattoos, what better way to celebrate the release of your 13-track album? Selena Gomez is celebrating this occasion with a cute, small tattoo on her neck. She revealed it last night on an Instagram post and all her fans admired it.

You can see her brand new ink on her neck, ‘Rare’ is a nod to her new album.

She also has another small but meaningful tattoo in her ‘album artwork’ showing the date that the singer had kidney transplant surgery to treat the lupus. She was battling with lupus disease at the time, being in an urgent need for a kidney transplant. Her good friend, Francia Raisa who served as the kidney donor for Selena’s surgery got matching tattoos with the star.

Selena Gomez got another tattoo with a meaningful message behind it 3