Every American is familiar with the expression ”jury duty”. Well, Gigi Hadid takes this civic responsibility upon her in the Harvey Weinstein’s trial, and we couldn’t admire her more. You go, Gigi!  

The supermodel was spotted in Manhattan today as one of 120 potential jurors involved in the rape trial. Gigi was asked several question from Judge James Burk in order to establish whether she could be impartial during the trial. Hadid responded that she had met Weinstein and replied, “I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts” , reports CNN.

See the video here.

Gigi Hadid-possible Juror in the Harvey Weinstein's Trial 2
Photo Credit: www.masala.com

Also, a famous celebrity, Selma Hayek is on the witness list and plays an important role in this rape trial.

The former film producer, Harvey Weinstein is accused of raping a woman in 2013, sexual assaulting other woman in 2006. He has also been accused by several famous women in Hollywood. Hadid’s friend and colleague, Cara Delevingne also accused him of sexual misconduct in a hotel room back in 2017.

We can’t argue that he gets what he deserves! The #metoo movement is growing, allowing women to speak their truths, and we are living for that. You go, girls.